Four easy ways to ensure your forms are accessible

Creating accessible forms isn’t as much of a tedious task as most people might think it is. Web developers must ensure incorporating precise labels and prompts to their forms so that the respective users can analyze what every field is looking for. Forms generally consist of labels and prompts that are clear to observant users. However, their correlation with certain form fields is only made depending on visual elements like closeness to the field and relative position. Screen readers cannot access these visual elements. Due to this, it is essential that web agencies associate labels and prompts with the form fields in HTML. Explore below some of the most common practices to create accessible forms. 

Why ensuring HTML form accessibility should be the norm in web design

Assuring HTML form accessibility is quintessential in web design as it plays a key role in helping your respective users. Here are some examples of some of the best practices that you can utilize. 

The problem with placeholder texts 

It is always recommended that web developers choose a clear visual label instead of a placeholder text. Placeholder texts are lightly colored. They generate a myriad of issues for users. Visually impaired individuals may find it troublesome to read since the text color and form field background have low contrast. 

Ensure you have keyboard navigation in place 

Individuals who suffer from impaired vision make use of keyboards for navigating through online forms. Users can move from links and form controls through the tab key. Thus, web developers must ensure making user convenience a top priority by adding keyboard navigation. 

Make use of focus indicators 

Making use of powerful visual cues on your respective forms can help the keyboard navigators determine which fields are selected. A statistic by W3C suggests that the contrast ratio in the internet’s accessibility bible should be about 4.5 to 1 for 14pt or under texts. Make sure to use focus indicators as they are not only beneficial but you also don’t have to settle on the design. Simply customize the font or box color to suit your brand shades. 

Avoid using CAPTCHA 

Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA), is a common form field used to usually analyze if a user is human. It is a very crucial element that attempts to restrict computers from submitting forms automatically. CAPTCHA, however, isn’t quite accessible to several groups of people; for instance, dyslexic or blind individuals may not be able to access CAPTCHA.

Creating hassle-free forms with formX 

Following strong and essential practices as mentioned above can help web developers create forms that can be truly accessed by all. Most often, web developers fail to drive importance to accessibility. Users can have a troublesome experience despite making use of advanced technology. Web developers can make the most of these practices to give users a hassle-free experience. If you’re looking for a backend tool to handle your form submissions, check formX out. You can streamline submissions securely, manage all responses with a powerful dashboard and amplify your work productively.

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