Get boring form backends out of your todo list!

Get data submissions, organize and automate them.

Collect (Data Collection and Manipulation)

Simplify the process of collecting information from your visitors with forms. Get to know your visitors much better using a contact form. Use this information to determine your target audiences.

  • Take full control of how you collect data! (Control). Ensuring security with Post and JS, you can now be Ajax ready! Build a support system that can easily gather information without reloading.
  • Stay clear of spams with pattern identification intelligence(Spam). You don’t have to waste valuable time sorting through spam. Enable google re-captcha and honeypots to weed them out.
  • Let your submitters know you’re listening with auto-responders (Auto-responders). Build your own templates for autoresponders, automate confirmation emails with just one click and interact passively with your submitters!
  • File upload made simpler with the latest beta feature (Upload). Your visitors will be able to upload files and images to your forms.

Monitor (Intuitive Dashboard)

A powerful dashboard that lets you do a lot more than just manage metrics and insights. Not only customizable to your data management and organization requirements but also CRM friendly. Use our intelligent workflows to reduce work and increase productivity!

  • Access your dashboard where ever you go with a powerful readable view, access your dashboard from anywhere, anytime across all platforms without any interruptions
  • Make use of formX’s dashboard for state management. You can tag or label submissions based on their state(- received, completed, in- progress, mark as read, spam etc.)(Include state logo or pic)
  • Filter, search and sort your submission at one place. Customization is a breeze! Use filters to quickly search and sort your submissions using activity score, state and other basic criteria such as date, name, email, status and more.
  • Got submissions? Manage them in just a single click. Make use of our 1-click reply function to save time and double your productivity rates!

Actions (Controllable Platform)

Keep track of your actions with a completely controllable platform. Managing your submissions and take action promptly and appropriately.

  • Make notes and set reminders to communicate with your customers. Ensure better engagement by scheduling reminders or adding notes about a submission while taking action.
  • Maintain an activity score for all your users. You can score each user depending on their timeline and activity log.
  • Your business needs multiple-domains management minus the hassle. Build workspaces and create forms on multiple domains
  • Want to send your submitters to another page? Auto redirect! If you have a specific page you want your submitters to see, you can redirect them there.

Collaborate (Integrations)

Connect with other third-party apps to amplify your performance. With formX, use your preferred apps and get instant notifications and alerts.

  • Connect with all your favorite apps using Zapier. Being Zapier-enabled, formX allows you to automate actions in several versatile apps.
  • Receive notifications directly on your Slack account. Enable incoming webhooks and get notified whenever you receive a submission.
  • API
  • Examine all your data in CSV format. Your form data is available for export in a CSV file for viewing and analyzing your information.


Stay ahead of your game with instant notifications and alerts. Receive information about your customers within the first minute of a submission.

  • Powered by push notifications. You can enable your notes and scheduled reminders as popups in applications.
  • Include the entire team and share emails. Keep all the users with the loop by making CCs of reminder emails and push notifications.
  • Get notified whenever you get a new submission. Monitor frequency of submissions with e-mail updates on every submission.
  • Want to see how you’re doing? Get custom reports to gauge performances. Have your insights emailed to your instantly at any time! (Weekly reports?)


Know your visitors in real time with comprehensive analytics on submitters. With in-depth insights on your submitters’ activities, formX helps you make smart decisions based on their behavior.

  • Get a chronological timeline of submitters’ visits by maintaining an activity log. Tracking submitters and facilitating conversions. Made easy with extensive information about their activity.
  • UTM Parameters Capture
  • Know where your submitters are from with geo-intelligence. Using formX demographics, you can build business zones for improved operations.
  • Get more customers by tracking form conversions. Track form conversions to increase the number of leads and measure conversion rates.


Are you an agency? Get add-ons to improve your functionality and boost performance.

  • Assign roles and access privileges to team members and admins via multiple account management. Your entire team can access your dashboard, for improved productivity and progress.
  • Get your clients on formX with the multi-client access feature. Help your clients reach their business goals by effective collaboration and improved communication.
  • UTM tracking
  • We maintain a strict data privacy code with an agency security pact. None of our clients’ data will be disclosed as per the GDPR.


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