What Are Form Endpoints?

Web developers, we hear you. We know you’re having a tough time with form endpoints.

Form end points can sometimes mess with your analytics tracking and other important things, which is why it’s so important to get them right.

First, let’s start with the basic question: What are form end points? 

Form endpoints are kind of like the zip codes for your forms. They’re a simple, unique URL that represents where you want your form results to go—like a database, an email inbox, or even a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Every form endpoint is unique and secure. You can send it as many times as you want, and it will keep updating with fresh data every time someone submits that form.

Form endpoints are great for developers who need to work on frontend design without getting in the way of a backend team’s work.

Why web developers should be using form endpoints

Now let’s talk about why you should use them. Form end points can save web developers so much time and effort. Instead of having to write code that takes in data input by the user and processes it, web developers can simply put in some pre-written code that does all of this for them. That way, all they have to worry about is how the data will be processed, not how to take it in and process it at all!

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Form endpoints are the best thing since sliced bread. Here are five more reasons why:

  • They’re easy to implement. Just add a form field with the name “endpoint” and one line of code.
  • They help you reduce errors in your forms, which means fewer people will get stuck filling out forms they didn’t intend to!
  • They make your forms load faster, which means you get more information faster, and can act on it quicker!
  • Users love them! They’ll be more likely to fill out your forms because they’ll have a better experience doing so.
  • You can use them with any HTML5 form element (input, select, textarea, etc.)

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