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Not only do you save up on your servers expenditure but also speed up the developing process by 1.3x.

What can you do with FormX?

Secure and Scalable

Streamline your data collection forms securely and scalably.

Secure and Scalable

Manage all the responses you receive with our powerful dashboard.

Secure and Scalable

Colloborate and amplify your work productivity across all devices from anywhere, any time!.

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What do we have?

Secure and Scalable

Flexibility & Security

Take full control of how you collect data via JS or POST. Security by design.

Secure and Scalable

Auto Responders

Let your submitters know you’re listening. Automate confirmation mails with just one click.

Secure and Scalable

Instant Notifications

Stay updated with submissions through email, Slack and other channels of your choice.

Secure and Scalable

Spam Filtering

Wasting valuable time scanning through spam? Use Google reCaptcha to weed them out.

Secure and Scalable

User Submission Insights

Keep track of submitters’ activity to ensure increased conversions.

Secure and Scalable

Simplified Management

Organize your submissions based on their progress.

Secure and Scalable

Multi-User Access

Your entire team can access your dashboard, for improved collaboration and productivity.

Where can you use formX?

Best suited for static sites, lead generation forms, surveys, contact forms, newsletters, marketing signups and sharing lead-gen materials.

Secure andd scalable

Manage all data collection process with the freedom of design and no intervention of IT team.

Secure andd scalable
Support specialists

All your support data in one place, organized and automated. Reports just the way you want.

Secure andd scalable
Designers and developers

Have more productive time to concentrate on what's needed. We will take care of your backend.

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