Get boring form backends out of your to-do list!

Get data submissions, organize and automate them.

Collect (Data Collection and Manipulation)

Understand your visitors using a contact form and collect their information effortlessly to determine your target audiences.

  • Take full control of how you collect data: formX support both POST and JS based setup, & be always AJAX ready!
  • Avoid spam using pattern identification intelligence. don’t waste valuable time sorting through spam. Enable google re-captcha and honeypots to weed them out.
  • Let your submitters know you’re listening: send customised auto-responders, automate confirmation emails with a single click, and interact passively with your submitters!
  • Simplified file upload with the latest beta feature: Your visitors will be able to upload files and images to your forms (beta).

Monitor (Intuitive Dashboard)

Our powerful CRM-friendly dashboard does more than just help manage metrics and insights. Use our intelligent workflows and increase productivity! It is completely customizable to all your requirements.

  • Access your dashboard anytime, anywhere: use our powerful readable view to access your dashboard across all platforms without any interruptions.
  • Effective state management: tag or label submissions based on their state(received, completed, in-progress, mark as read, spam etc.)
  • Filter, search and sort your submissions at one place: use filters such as activity score, state and other basic criteria such as date, name, email, status etc.
  • Manage submissions with just a single click: make use of our one-click reply function to save time and double your productivity rates.

Actions (Controllable Platform)

Keep track of your actions with a completely controllable platform.

  • Ensure better customer engagement: schedule reminders and make notes about a submission while taking action.
  • Maintain an activity score for all your users: Score each user depending on their timeline and activity log.
  • Build workspaces and create forms on multiple domains: formX offers multiple-domain management where you can add several workspaces to your account.
  • Redirect your submitters to another page: If you have a specific page you want your submitters to see, you can redirect them there using our auto-direct feature.

Collaborate (Integrations)

Connect with other third-party apps to amplify your performance with formX. Use your preferred apps and get instant notifications and alerts.

  • Connect with all your favorite apps using Zapier: being Zapier-enabled, formX allows you to automate actions in several versatile apps.
  • Receive notifications directly on your Slack account: enable incoming webhooks and get notified whenever you receive a submission.
  • API
  • Export your data in CSV format: view and analyze your form data in a CSV file.


Stay ahead of the game with instant notifications and alerts.

  • Use push notifications: enable your notes and scheduled reminders as popups in applications.
  • Keep the entire team in the loop: send CCs of reminder emails and push notifications.
  • Get notified about new submissions: monitor the frequency of submissions with e-mail updates on every submission.
  • Get custom reports to gauge performance: have insights emailed to you instantly at any time!


Know your visitors in real-time with comprehensive analytics and make informed decisions based on their behavior.

  • Track your visitors : Get a chronological timeline of submitters’ visits, track and facilitate visitor conversions.
  • UTM Parameters Capture : Track where your users come from and other metrics with our UTM support.
  • Use geo-intelligence to know where your submitters are from: with formX, build business zones for improved operations.
  • Get more customers by tracking form conversions: increase the number of leads and measure conversion rates.


Are you an agency? Get add-ons to improve your functionality and boost performance.

  • Assign roles and access privileges to team members and admins: give your team access to your dashboard via multiple account management, for improved productivity and progress.
  • Use formX for your clients with our multi-client access feature: help your clients reach their business goals through effective collaboration and improved communication.
  • UTM Parameters Capture: Track where your users come from. Get to know their location amongst other metrics.
  • Strict data privacy code: your information will never be disclosed to anyone, as per the GDPR.

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