We are formX!

About Our Company

Techstars Startup Weekend Guindy Edition 2017, was the spark off for our entrepreneurial journey. Our 4 member rockstar team met there, worked on our idea of a tech application for developers. Then started our interest for product engineering and development.

We started tinkering products under the banner of Cyces Innovation Labs LLP, from March 2018. We pushed more than 17 website deployments and we started observing patterns as to what are the mundane tasks that pushed us down. Identified a few use cases and then built a few tools to solve it for our own use.

Birth of formX.

Of the 17 deployments, one repetitive thing in every website was a contact form / data collection of some kind to manage leads / collect information in general. Lets generally refer to that as forms. So we built a small MVP to build a central dashboard for all our clients, and it worked wow. Everyone was using it but it lacked a great number of features. Looked out for other options, they were either too expensive or not worth the value addition. Built formX - your form backend end to end suite.

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