How To Brainstorm For CTA Copy Using AI Writing Tool (And Save So Much Time)

We all know why CTAs (calls-to-action) work. They’re a core part of any marketing campaign. It’s when you start trying to write them – that’s where the problems begin. 

Has your brain ever just gone numb from all of the copywriting you’re doing? It’s like every time you sit down to some new copy, your mind is void of any creativity and words.

So, how do you actually come up with a good CTA copy? You could first start out by reading our blog on how to write irresistible CTAs. But we’re here to talk about how AI writing tools can help to speed up the process and deliver high quality ideas for your CTAs.

The advent of GPT-3 based writing tools 

Marketers are always trying to find ways to work more efficiently and effectively. The advent of writing tools based on GPT-3 technology is one of the most exciting developments in marketing productivity since the invention of the spreadsheet. These tools are creating efficiencies that make marketers more productive, which in turn can free up their time for more high-value tasks like strategy and creativity.

I use a GPT-3 writing tool called to brainstorm for CTAs. All you have to do is understand how to make the tool work for you. And then, you can get a list of 10 CTAs in a minute. There are many such tools out there, I’ve been a fan of for it’s user-friendly interface.

I’ll now take you through how you can take the help of to come up with creative CTAs. 

How I use to brainstorm for CTAs

Signing up to is a straight-forward process (It is free for the first 30 days). Once you sign up, go to the ‘Call to Action’ feature.



Here, you will be asked to enter details about your product. Type it out, choose the tone in which you want your CTA to be, and click ‘Create Copy’.

Brainstorming CTA copy for formX

Let’s use this to generate a CTA copy for formX

The text that went into ‘Describe your product’: FormX is a form backend tool that can handle all submissions for you. You just have to design the forms, we will take care of the rest

I chose the tone ‘Friendly’. A sample of the CTAs came up with: 

  • Try FormX for free
  • Signup and start saving time
  • Free your time
  • Power your forms

Tone = ‘Bold’ 

  • FormX is here to reduce your workload
  • Build it smarter
  • Conquer more leads

Tone = ‘Persuasive’

  • Turn forms into cash
  • Let formX do the heavy lifting
  • Start building forms

With so much work to do, it only makes sense to invent help. Brainstorming is part strategy and part art. But if you find yourself lacking in both, or if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have time to sift through pages of ramblings and brainstorming sessions, you might want to give GPT-3 based AI writing tools a try. Your copy could use the extra love and attention. What’s more, your fans and customers will benefit from an improved engagement rate on your CTAs.

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